Zin Finance

DeFi with smart savings and growth

Our verified smart contract 



Zin will be an intuitive, simple to use Investment platform which will combine the investment tools of crypto and traditional stocks. Its fantastic UI will be focused on building a growth nest, rather than trading.

Zin will be a 100% deflationary token. The token holders will be able to earn more Zin through staking and be able to participate in the governance of our protocol. Zin tokens will also have a burn mechanism until all supply is burned.

Zin profits will come from the usage of its investment platform.

Proof of Liquidity

We have officially locked Liquidity on Uniswap until 31st December 2021. During such a freeze, it is impossible to withdraw the Ethereum liquidity for anyone including us. By creating a safe trading pool, Zin Finance has received a favourable trust score of 96% + by Unicrypt. Please see the proof in the Unicrypt browser by clicking this button.

We help fuel Innovation

Cash Wallet

Zin will have a peer to peer cash wallet with an extremely intuitive UI

World wide Reach

Our team is located across multiple countries and it is our goal to expand Zin region by region


Secure and Safe

Your private key will be encrypted and backed up by only you and no one else

Invest Loose Change

Zin will allow you to round up and let you invest your loose change


Allocate your portfolio

Zin will let you build your own portfolio or copy one of our expert fund managers


Grow Savings

Zin will give the users our signature AutoSave and Recurring investment transaction options for the peace of mind

Token Distribution

  • 8% Team
  • 12% Marketing & Airdrops
  • 15% Development
  • 25% Crowd Sale & Investors
  • 40% Staking


Staking and earning interest is a key feature of decentralized finance (DeFi). Zin users can lock their Zin tokens in their staking wallet and earn more Zin through a reward mechanism. Staking platform will be launched soon after our crowd sale in December 2020.

Zin Roadmap

Meet our Team

Suneel Pervez

CEO and Founder
Based in London, United Kingdom. 15+ years experience in IT program management for large multinationals like Maersk. Blockchain and start up creation experience in various global projects. Investor in technology start ups, stocks and crypto projects.

Tiffany Mitchell

Head of Mobile and App Publishing
Based in London. With over 10 years of experience in the Mobile and App development areas in companies like Google, EE and Lloyds bank. CSPO®, Gadget Geek and Pokémon Go handler. Hobbies includes Calligraphy, Gaming and Swimming.

Alex Мalkov

Based in London, United Kingdom. 20+ years of experience in Software Engineering, concentrating on the development of leading SaaS market solutions. Hobbies include volleyball, badminton and photography.

Natalia Johnson

Chief Legal Counsel
Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 13+ years of cross-border legal experience acquired both in the industry and in legal consultancy. MBA. Avid yogi and flamenco dancer

Martin Pijlman

Head of Sales
Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 14 years of extensive experience as an sales/account manager in financial services. Hobbies and interests Football, fitness, cycling, reading about history


Head of Communications and Illustrations
Based in London, United Kingdom. Experienced content creator and artist. Areas of Expertise: Communication, English language and literature.

Shahid Ali Khan

Product Advisor
INSEAD MBA, Uber. 16 years of diversified experience working in a variety of roles in global logistics, medtech, electric utility and has recently worked for ride hailing startups like Careem and Uber. Brings immense value in building platform products from ground up.

Vladimir Gerneshii

Growth Advisor
Based in London, United Kingdom. 10+ years hands-on experience establishing and transforming digital businesses. Tech Nation Tier 1 Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology.


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